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Hypervolt FAQ

Why Hypervolt?
Hypervolt is a ‘smart’ charger, which means that it can send and receive data and instructions. This means you can monitor and control it via our App, giving you a better experience, and also qualifies you for a £350 grant when you choose Hypervolt.
Getting Started
Once you get your Hypervolt Home 2.0 installed, make sure to connect it to Wi-Fi, as Hypervolt is a smart charger. After your Hypervolt was successfully connected, you will need the Adoption Token to register it within the dashboard and start viewing your data online.
Sign Up
Access www.hypervolt.co.uk and click on “Sign Up”. Simply introduce the email address you wish to register your account with and choose your password. Remember that you can register your account directly with Google.
Connecting your Hypervolt to Wi-Fi
In order to start collecting your charging data and have it displayed on your dashboard, the first and most important thing to do is to connect your charger to Wi-Fi and have it online. In order to achieve this, please access this link where you will find detailed instructions of all the steps you need to follow.
Hypervolt Dashboard
The dashboard will allow you to view consumption data, schedule charging sessions, control the brightness of your LEDs, check the status of your charger in real-time. The App will be available for both iOS and Android phones in the first half of 2021.
Product Registration
Once your Hypervolt is connected to the Wi-Fi and you have set up your account with us unless adopting your Hypervolt you won’t see anything in the dashboard. Once you are in your account, click on “My Dashboard” and use the token from the charger to add it and adopt your charger. For more information regarding this process, please access this article here.
Operating Modes
Hypervolt’s default mode is ‘plug & charge:’ plug in and the car will start charging – simple. You can also select from a range of easy-to-use charging modes via the Hypervolt App: for example you can schedule your charging to start and stop at specific times to match your tariff or solar generation.
OZEV Grant
Yes! Hypervolt Home is OLEV certified, so you qualify for a £350 grant when you buy one for home or for work, and an additional £300-400 off if you live in Scotland. We and our installers will take care of the paper work for you. Check out our guidance page to see if you’re eligible in advance.
Return Policy
We are confident you will love our products and services. If for any reason you are unhappy our team will work hard to resolve it for you. If we’re unable to, below is our simple returns policy which we will stick to, no quibbles.
Contact Us
Need more assistance or having trouble? Reach out to us: 0333 090 3093 / support@hypervolt.co.uk