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Integrating your Hypervolt with Amazon Alexa

If you struggle to get Alexa to understand “Hypervolt” in one word, please use “Hyper” & “volt” separately!

Linking your Hypervolt with Amazon Alexa has to be done outside the Hypervolt App. The process is fairly straightforward and there are only a couple of steps that need to be followed.

Adding Hypervolt to Amazon Alexa

  1. Open your Amazon Alexa App;
  2. In the bottom right, tap on “More”;
  3. Then, “Skills & Games”;
  4. Press the Search icon at the top right;
  5. Type Hypervolt;
  6. Enable it – (just to make 100% sure when you link your account, you use the same credentials as your Hypervolt App);
  7. And then “Alexa, ask my Hypervolt current status”;

What can Alexa tell you about your Hypervolt?

  1. “Alexa, ask my Hypervolt current status”;
  2. “Alexa, ask my Hypervolt to enable schedule charging”;
  3. “Alexa, ask my Hypervolt to set brightness to 50%”;
    1. 0% or off;
    2. 25% or quarter;
    3. 50% or half;
    4. 75% or three quarters;
    5. 100%, full or max;
  4. “Alexa, ask my Hypervolt to turn on disco fever”;
  5. “Alexa, are you charging?”;
  6. “Alexa, ask my Hypervolt to enable pride mode”;
  7. “Alexa, ask my Hypervolt to cancel lighting effects”;

Generally, the Alexa commands for your Hypervolt will always be:

  1. “Alexa, ask my Hypervolt…”;
  2. “Alexa, tell my Hypervolt…”;
  • set brightness to
  • go to red alert
  • step up to red alert
  • party time
  • party on
  • let’s get this party started
  • start the party
  • lighting effects off
  • cancel lighting effects
  • cancel party mode
  • end party mode
  • the party is over
  • end the party
  • cancel disco mode
  • end disco mode
  • the disco is done
  • disco is dead
  • disco fever
  • go to disco mode
  • turn on disco mode
  • enable disco mode
  • disco mode
  • where it’s made
  • where are you made
  • turbo boost
  • halloween mode
  • it’s close to midnight
  • something evil’s lurking in the dark

Updated on 9 November 2021

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