Charging is taking too long

Your estimated charge time is greater than expected, or the vehicle is charging at a lower power than expected

Please check the specification of your vehicle make and model and verify the maximum power figures for AC Mode 3 charging. Some vehicles have a maximum charging power of less than what the maximum a Hypervolt Home device can deliver. 

If the vehicle always charges at a lower power than specified for its make and model, and has never charged at a higher power, please check whether a power limitation has been enabled during your installation (Hard Set) or if you have the current limited in the app (Soft Set).

If your battery is almost full, the charging rate may be limited by the vehicle. When a vehicle’s charging session is almost complete, the charging speed and input power begin to fall below the maximum available. Please check your vehicle’s dashboard for an indication of the charging power and whether it is at the level you expect it to be.