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Connecting a Hypervolt to a Wi-Fi Network using the Hotspot Method

It is recommended that the Hypervolt is as close as possible to your router/extender so that it gets the strongest signal possible.

Energize the device and wait for about 15 seconds. The ring LEDs should display a WHITE colour to indicate the device is booting up and ready to be configured.

Step 1

Using your mobile device, look for a new network. You will have to navigate to your WiFi settings menu and make sure WiFi is enabled on your device.

Depending on your charger’s firmware, in your Wi-Fi network, you might be shown “hypervolt-ABCD”, “ABCD” representing the serial number of the unit, or “hypervolt-charger”. Regardless of the option you are shown, choose it and continue following the steps below.

Connect to “hypervolt-charger”network.

Note 1: Your phone may prompt you that there is no internet access via the hypervolt- charger network; that is perfectly expected and you should select to continue to stay on this network.
Note 2: The network is an open network and will not require you to enter any password.

Once connected to the hypervolt-charger network, open your favourite browser and type in the following URL:


Step 2

If the page does not load you may have to type in the IP address manually:

Step 3

You will then be presented with the configuration page. Make sure you are on the ‘Network’ tab. Select the network you want to connect to from the list of available networks.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, type in the password and hit ‘Save’:

Step 4

After you hit Save once, the charger will disconnect from your phone and try to connect to the network you have selected. It will do so irrespective of your password being valid or not. The LED ring around the unit will also switch to the same colour as the front LED display. If however, the network connection is unsuccessful, within 1 minute the charger will revert to a WHITE LED ring around the unit and you can retry the setup process.

Step 5

Once connected, it is time to check that the charger has joined the Hypervolt network.

Updated on 1 July 2022

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