Hypervolt ALM and CT Setup Guide

An overview of how to set up the Automatic Load Management (ALM) and Current Transformer (CT) for the Hypervolt charger


Hypervolt's Automatic Load Management control is used to safety adjust the maximum charging current an EV can take to prevent the charging device being responsible for overloading the electrical service to a property.

How it works

The Hypervolt works using a wired CT sensor which the installer must clip over the main incoming power feed into the property. The Hypervolt CT is bidirectional meaning that the Hypervolt is able to differentiate between export and import powers respectively.

Your property will have a maximum allowed total power consumption that can be configured inside your Hypervolt. Once installed and configured, the charger monitors this consumption in real-time.

In the event that charging would cause you to exceed the pre-set limit, we will then reduce the EV charging rate in order to protect your electrical wiring and avoid blowing the fuse in your meter whilst continuing to charge your vehicle. When activated the charging current will drop to as low as 6A. Generally the ALM system will activate for short periods every so often. If the ALM is being triggered very regularly this could be a sign that the electrical service to the property is inadequate for requirements.

Wiring and setting up

CAUTION: make sure the Hypervolt is switched off and isolated from the mains before proceeding.

Connect the CT to the internal 2-pole signal connector provided inside the Hypervolt.

You must ensure the polarity of the CT is correct. The CT should be wired with the white lead into the left-hand side terminal of the connector. The arrow on the CT should point in the direction of the load.

If you need to put the CT on the Neutral instead of the Live, the arrow on the CT should now point opposite the load.

Use the same Cat5 Cable for ALM/CT and RJ45 (ethernet) port inside the unit:

Use Orange/Orange-White and Green/Green-White for the RJ45 that goes into Ethernet and then use either one of the left pairs for the CT core.


Locate the rotary switch. It is situated adjacent to the CT connector you have plugged the CT into.

The dial  can be adjusted to set the limit at which the load manager activates. The diagram above shows what part of the dial is the pointer, in this case pointing to position 5. 

The ALM dial is most normally set to 6 for 60A even in cases where the main fuse value is higher. The units will normally come factory set to position 6, but always check.

For the ALM system to work correctly it is very important that the CT Clamp has been correctly installed!

Use the following table to select the switch position if there are different requirements for the installation. 

CT installed ALM enabled Fuse rating/max incomer load Switch setting
No No n/a 0
Yes No n/a *** 1
Yes Yes 10A 2
Yes Yes 16A 3
Yes Yes 32A 4
Yes Yes 40A 5
Yes Yes 60A 6
Yes Yes 80A 7
Yes Yes 100A 8
Yes Yes 120A 9
*** use this setting only to indicate that a CT is installed but when ALM is not required. When this setting is selected, the Hypervolt will know a CT is connected and record the CT power and energy measurements for the CT.