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HyperConnect Cable

HyperConnect is Hypervolts own charging point installation cable and available exclusively to installers of Hypervolt products.

HyperConnect is available as a 4mm CSA 3 core cable in both SWA and non-SWA formats. It is an excellent choice for the installation of Hypervolt Car Charging Units giving a one stop connection solution allowing power, Data and CT connections to be performed from the one same cable.

The Non SWA version is suitable for all internal and external works covering 90% of all installs with the SWA version only being required if there is a need to go underground.

The cable can carry an impressive amount of current and is highly flexible for easy installation.  You can supply a single Hypervolt Home 2.0 over a distance of 30m using the Clipped Direct method of installation.

HyperConnect is BASEC (British Approvals Service for Cables) approved.

Specification (240v)


  • Conductor (Supply): Copper (Plain Annealed) Class2 Stranded BS EN60228
  • Conductor (Data): Cat5e FTP 4 pair Screened
  • Insulation: Thermosetting XLPE BS 7655-1.3
  • Resistance: 3.08ohms/km @20°C
  • Armour (SWA Only):  Galvanised steel wire;
  • Gland Size (SWA Only): BW20 (Inside) or CW20 (Outside)
  • Max. Operating Temperature:  90℃
  • Min. Operating Temperature: -15℃
  • Min. Bending Radius:  8 x ⌀
  • Core Colours: Brown / Blue / Green & Yellow


  • Resistance: 4.61ohms/km @20°C
  • Max. Current Rating Clipped (SWA): 49A
  • Max. Current Rating Clipped (Non-SWA): 45A
  • Outside Diameter (SWA):  17mm (C7 Cleat)
  • Outside Diameter (Non SWA):  15mm (C6 Cleat)
  • Volt Drop:  12 mV/A/m


  • Resistance: 3.08ohms/km @20°C
  • Max. Current Rating Clipped (SWA): 62A
  • Max. Current Rating Clipped (Non-SWA): 58A
  • Outside Diameter (SWA):  19mm (C8 Cleat)
  • Outside Diameter (Non SWA):  16.4mm (C7 Cleat)
  • Volt Drop:  7.9 mV/A/m
Updated on 13 December 2021

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