Hypervolt Upgrade Policy

Official policy on upgrading to our latest generation devices Meet the Home 3 Pro

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The offer


This is a promotional upgrade offer that will be valid until 30th of July 2024, as a celebration of our launch for tariff support:


  • We expect OVO Energy's Charge Anytime tariff to be able to v3 customers within May 2024, and we are already accepting customers for a beta version immediately: https://survey.zohopublic.eu/zs/MDDXkm.

  • We further expect Octopus Intelligent Go to be available for beta within early Q3 2024, as teams on both sides are working very hard to make this happen at the moment.

  • We further expect first class Enphase Energy ecosystem integration to be available within Q2 2024, including anti-battery drain prevention and more! You can immediately install a Home 3 Pro with your Enphase PV or storage. Just add the 2nd CT clamp around the battery and you'll benefit from every single feature we will release!


Explore the Hypervolt Upgrade Policy, a dedicated pathway for V2 owners to elevate their experience by transitioning to our advanced V3 Pro EV chargers, enriched with exclusive incentives and a simplified installation process.





  • Customers Eligible: Owners of Hypervolt V2 and V3 products.
  • Validity: As a thank you to our loyal customers, this is applicable to products with both active and expired warranties.

Discounts and Pricing:

  • Product Discount:
    • Unlock a 20% discount on our superior V3 Pro range as an eligible owner.
    • Discounts can be transferred, adhering to specific guidelines.
    • A free standard 5 year warranty will be included within the upgrade cost
  • Installation Price:
    • Special "swap" installation pricing for direct upgrades using existing wiring.
    • Standard installation pricing applies for transferred discounts to non-original owners.


We are proposing a 20% discount on retail pricing for customers wishing to upgrade to our latest generation devices, in line with wholesale pricing.


  • Transitioning to a V3 Pro product will automatically reset the warranty to:
    • A full 5 years for standard warranty, as a thank you note for our loyal long term customers

Transferring Discounts:

  • Transfer of Discount:
    • The 20% product discount may be transferred once per serial number, subject to Hypervolt’s notification and verification.
    • The discount can be transferred to a friend or family member
  • Non-Transferable Installation Pricing:
    • Special installation pricing is exclusively available to original owners upgrading directly and is not transferable.
    • Should a customer decide to transfer their discount voucher, installation will be subject to full installation pricing. Hypervolt relies on its trusted network of over 2000 UK installers to offer our customers UK wide installation, and our partners will go through a standard quotation process for any new installation
  • One-Time Transfer:
    • Each eligible serial number permits a single 20% discount voucher transfer. Once utilised, further transfers or re-applications of the discount using the same serial number will not be permitted.

Upgrade Procedure:

  • Application:
    • Initiate your upgrade via our digital platform or through our customer service, supplying all relevant product and installation data.
    • This can be achieved by contacting us on sales@hypervolt.co.uk, or via phone call/Whatsapp to +44 (0)333 090 3093
  • Validation:
    • Our team will verify ownership and eligibility, based on your serial number and purchase history with Hypervolt devices.
  • Scheduling Installation:
    • Upon validation and payment, coordinate with our certified technicians for installation.
    • To qualify for the advantageous "swap installation" price, the Hypervolt Home 3 Pro upgraded chargepoint must be installed in the very same location as your old chargepoint, including the same wiring
    • Any modifications to the installation deemed substantial by our installation partners are likely to be charged extra

Multiple Device Upgrade:

  • Ensure to provide an eligible serial number for each unit you wish an upgrade, maintaining policy adherence for each device.
  • There is no upper limit on the number of pre-existing units we can upgrade. If you have purchased multiple Hypervolt units, we will be offering you a discount voucher for each and every eligible serial number.

Non-Standard Installations and Alterations:

  • Non-Standard Installations: Separate charges apply for non-standard installations or alterations outside of the standard installation pricing.
  • Pricing Negotiation: Discuss and finalise pricing independently with our authorised partner installer for all non-standard requests.
  • Service Agreement: Establish a clear service agreement, documenting agreed-upon services and pricing.

Device Collection and Recycling:

  • Device Collection: Upon request, Hypervolt can collect old devices for recycling, without providing a trade-in value.
  • Recycling: Device recycling is entirely optional and conducted only at the customer's behest.


Things you can do with the old device

  • You can choose to keep your Hypervolt v2 device, and simply use the Hypervolt app with multiple chargers, a feature supported out of the box
  • Additionally, the Hypervolt system can automatically load manage multiple chargepoints in the same household
  • If the device is no longer functional, you can ask us to recycle it for you, as part of the swap policy 

Smart Charging Regulations Notice:

  • In adherence to Smart Charging Regulations from December 2022, Hypervolt V2 devices are no longer legally resalable within the UK, but our service teams would be delighted to assist you with recycling the units and safely disposing of any waste material in accordance with best practices for waste of electronic components

Terms and Conditions:

  • Offers are subject to product and service availability.
  • Promotions and other discounts such as the "Hero" discount can be amalgamated, offering customers an additional £25 discount if they qualify
  • Hypervolt maintains the right to modify or withdraw this policy at any time without prior notice.
  • Policy compliance with legal standards is assured.

Customer Service:

Connect with our customer service team via our hotline, email, or chat support on our website for any assistance or inquiries related to your upgrade.

Hypervolt thanks all our patrons for their unwavering support. We're thrilled to facilitate your transition to our premium V3 Pro range, ensuring a superior and advanced EV charging experience.

Sales Upgrade Policy

What are the differences between the Hypervolt Home 2.0 and 3 Pro?

We no longer manufacture the Hypervolt 2.0. One of the main differences between the 2.0 product and the newest generations is the use of Raspberry Pis. The 2.0s used to be powered by Raspberry Pi computers inside the units and the 3.0s and Home 3 Pro units are based on an internal Nebula platform. We have also developed a much more sophisticated telemetry and diagnostics engine behind the scenes, so if anything goes wrong we can fix it for you remotely swiftly and easily. Both the 3.0 and Home 3 Pro have the capability to have 2 CT clamps installed.

Home 3 Pro units improvements:

  • IP66 rated: meaning no moisture or dust can get in or out
  • IK10 impact rating: Incredibly durable and designed for a long life
  • Removable front cover: enabling swap out for color change or in case of damage)
  • New mounting plate: for ease of install 
  • Heat sink case design: removing the fan, controlling thermals through software

I have a Blue Light Card / NHS Card. Can I add the discount to the upgrade discount?

Yes, absolutely. Email us your ID to sales@hypervolt.co.uk for the discount to be added to your quote. If the ID belongs to a family member or someone who resides with you, we will also need to get a photograph of their ID and proof that they reside with you and that the installation will be carried out at the address accordingly (a driving license or payslip or a letter will suffice).

Can I pay for my charger and installation via payment plan?

Yes, you can either pay via Klarna payment plan with 3 interest free instalments. 

How quickly can you get my charger swapped?

Over 90% of installations are completed within three weeks of purchase! There are 4 simple steps to take:
  •  Get in touch with our sales team today and they will confirm your final quote straight away.
  • Our installation partner will contact you within 2 business days to confirm an installation date.
  • Sight tight, our network of Trusted Installer and Team Hypervolt will handle the whole process for you.

What is the warranty policy for my new Home 3 pro?

As a thank you note to our customers for their loyalty, we will be offering a 5 year warranty as standard for any upgrades made until the 30th of July 2024.

I’m getting solar panels fitted later on. Will the Home 3 Pro be able to use my excess solar energy to charge my car?

Yes, that is correct. The charger comes with a single CT clamp that must be fitted at the service origin to measure the main load on the property and discover any solar export. Once the clamp detects that you are exporting over 6A/1.4kW of energy back to the grid, the charger will be able to charge. Hypervolt has recently partnered with Enphase, customers will be able to have a Hypervolt x Enphase ecosystem soon. 

Do the Hypervolt Home 3.0 and 3 Pro work with battery storage?

First class battery storage integration is being made available with Enphase Energy ecosystems. At minimum, this will include the anti-battery drain prevention via the 2nd CT clamp, and will be compatible with all AC coupled batteries, including Tesla Powerwall, offering customers the ability to control when the battery gets discharged, and making sure it does not get used to charge the car.

Hypervolt has recently partnered with Enphase, customers will be able to have a Hypervolt x Enphase ecosystem soon.

I have a 2.0 unit and I’m with octopus, my car isn’t compatible, how long will I have to wait? 

We are aiming to complete all integrations for tariffs by end of 2024, and we are working very hard to bring tariff compatibility. More details are available here 

Is the Hypervolt Home 3 Pro supported by Octopus smart EV tariffs? Is it something they/you are working on or is it something your charger doesn't support?

Full integration with Octopus is expected to be completed by the end of Q3 2024. This integration will initially be available for 3.0 and Home 3 Pro owners, integration for 2.0 units will follow up at a later date.

In the meantime, if you do have a cheaper tariff and you would like to take advantage of this, you can do the following:

  • Add you day and night tariffs manually on the Hypervolt app
  • Set your charger to schedule charge when the cheaper rate applies

Is the Hypervolt Home 3 Pro supported by OVO Charge Anytime tariff? Is it something they/you work on or is it something your charger doesn't support?

Private beta available now, please sign up through the following link: https://survey.zohopublic.eu/zs/MDDXkm.

If I have a Hypervolt and I want to move house, can I take it with me?

Yes, if you want to have the charger de-installed, you can get your installer to dismount it off the wall. We have agreed on a flat fee with our Trusted Installers for these cases. Please email us to find out more.

Will Enphase ecosystems be available for Home 3 Pro units? 

If you have a Hypervolt Home 3 Pro or a Home 3.0, you’re all set to integrate with the Enphase Solar System. However, if you own a 2.0 model, integration won’t be possible and we won't be able to make it available at any point, as it requires a 2nd CT clamp as well as bespoke integration that only works on our v3 product ranges.

Not to worry though, we’ve established this upgrade path for those interested in transitioning to the Hypervolt Home 3 Pro for seamless solar integration.