Multi-Mode Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling Controls for Home 3.0 and Home 3 Pro chargers

Controlling your Charger Activity

Plug and Charge, Scheduled Charging, and Locking

We support two options for controlling the charging of your EV - Plug and Charge or Scheduled Charging. You can also Lock your charger to prevent any charging from taking your place.

Plug and Charge allows you to simply plug in an EV and charge at anytime, unless the charger is locked. This is the simplest option, though it does not help you take advantage of special tariffs or lower rates that may be offered at certain times of day.

Scheduled Charging allows you to configure the charger to only provide power at certain times of day. Normally users would configure a charging window that aligns with their energy provider’s lowest rates so that they can fill their EV battery when there is lower demand on the grid, and therefore cheaper energy.

Locking your charger will override any other configuration and prevent the charger from charging. You can tap the Lock icon on the homescreen to either lock or unlock your charger at any time; please note that if a charging session is active the lock will only take effect after the session has finished and the EV has been unplugged.

Charging Modes

We offer three different modes for charging: Super-Eco, Eco, and Boost. Please note that if you do not have home power generation (solar, hydro, wind, etc) we recommend only using Boost mode.


No power will be consumed from the grid to charge your EV. You must be generating a minimum of 1.4kW/6A power/current to be able to charge.


Some power from the grid may be used to charge your EV; you’ll get a minimum stable charge of 1.4kW and additional power from your home generation system would be used up to a maximum of 7 kW.


Charge at full power (7kW / 32A) using any available power sources.

Viewing Schedules

Our multi-mode scheduling functionality allows you to define charging periods by day of week as well as time of day. You can also pick a different charging mode for each scheduled charging period.

You can press the Schedule or Plug and Charge button at the bottom of the home screen, and select Edit schedules to access your schedule information


Alternately, press the Settings button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen


From here, select Charger Settings, and then Schedule Charge


In this view, you can see the different sessions that you’ve configured, as well as an indication of what charging mode is used for the session.


Configuring Schedules

To add a charging period, click the Add session button at the bottom of the screen. If you’d like to adjust an existing charging period, click the Edit button next to the entry you’d like to adjust.

You can add a session with the button at the bottom of the screen, or click on any existing session to modify it. You can adjust the day and start/stop time, as well as the mode, all within a single screen. If you start to define a charging period that overlaps with an existing period, the system will automatically adjust the new charging period to remove the overlap.