Safety Instructions

Guidance for safe operation of Hypervolt chargers


  • Always check the charging cable and the contacts for damage and contamination before use.
  • Only connect the plug to a suitable vehicle inlet.
  • After the charging session has ended, simply unplug the charging plug from your vehicle. Never use excessive force to disconnect the vehicle connector from the inlet. See this article if you're having trouble disconnecting!
  • Some vehicles can be started with the charging cable connected. Be sure to unplug before driving off.
  • Keep the charging cable out of the reach of children.
  • Be careful with the plug, do not step or drive on it or on the cable.
  • Uncoil the entire cable length from the charger prior to connecting to the vehicle.


  • Do not operate if physical defects such as cracks, breaks, corrosion, or other damage are observed. In this case, contact us should you have any doubt.
  • Only an authorised specialist and qualified personnel may open, disassemble, repair, alter or modify your Hypervolt charger.
  • Do not remove any symbols or parts from the device, including safety symbols, warning notices, rating plates, identification plates or cable markings.
  • Hypervolt Home chargers can only be used under the operating parameters specified and within -25 C to 40 C ambient temperature.
  • Do not open the cover in the rain.
  • Never use a damaged charging cable.
  • Never use contacts that are dirty or wet.
  • Never use the charging cable with an extension cable or an adapter unless explicitly allowed to do so.