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Schedule Charging is one of the most efficient features our App & Dashboard has to offer. If you are looking to have the car charging overnight while the tariff is lower, or you want to charge during the day when the sun is strong and have the energy from your solar panels, the schedule charging feature has your back.

The feature can be accessed from both the App & the Dashboard on your PC.

All there is to be done is to log in to your account:

On the App

  • Drag with your finger the top green menu and select “Schedule Charging”. You will be asked to “Add Session” or “Edit Schedule”;
  • Select your desired times. Remember that you can add multiple sessions;
  • “Save”

On the PC

  • Access the Hypervolt website here;
  • “Sing In” to your account;
  • Click on “Profile” and then on “My Dashboard”;
  • Under the image of your charger, you will be able to see a green button “Schedule Charging”
  • After you click on it, enable this feature and then select your desired date and time;

Additional Info

  • Remember that you can add multiple charging sessions;
  • The colour code of the charger will be “Purple”;
  • The charger won’t charge unless it’s within that selected time frame. This means that if you plug the car at 20:00 and the charging is set up to start at 22:00, the Hypervolt won’t charge until 22:00;
  • If you don’t wish to use the schedule charging anymore, simply tap on “Plug & Charge” in the App and toggle the “enable schedule charging” button in the Dashboard on your PC or laptop.
Updated on 3 July 2021

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