Smart Charging

How the Hypervolt chargers comply with UK Smart Charging regulations

What are the new ‘smart charging’ regulations ? 

The government commitment that all new cars & vans must be fully zero emissions by 2035 will significantly increase the demand on the electricity system. 

To help manage this demand “Smart Charging” of electric vehicles by “Smart Chargers” has always been encouraged and the new Electric Vehicle Smart Charge Point Regulations 2021 (No 1467) just enforce some further requirements of “Smart Chargers”. 

The Hypervolt Home series have always been smart chargers and already complied with most of the changes but here is a bit more information about what’s new:


Default Schedule

Your Hypervolt will come with a pre set off peak schedule. 

You can opt out by either changing the schedule, choosing Plug & Charge or unselecting “Default Schedule” on the Your Hypervolt page.








Random Start

Your Hypervolt will come pre set to do a random start every time a charging session starts in Boost Mode whether that be from a schedule or a straight Plug & Charge. The charge will start anytime up to 10 minutes. The delay will be shown just below the Hypervolt icon on the start page. The charging indicator will change from “Waiting” to “Charging” when the random delay is over. You can opt out of this by unselecting it on the “Your Hypervolt” page.