The charging session won't start

Some common reasons why a charging session hasn't started

There are a few reasons why a charging session might not start: 

  • The vehicle is scheduled to charge at a later time. The LEDs should be purple and will be pulsing if the car is plugged in, but you are outside of the scheduled charge time.
  • The charger is currently locked. The LEDs will be orange, and you can unlock the charger using your Hypervolt app.
  • You are in Super Eco mode but there is insufficient solar power to charge. The LED should be solid yellow; you could begin to charge by changing to Eco or Boost mode.
  • The vehicle battery is completely charged, hence it cannot charge anymore. 
  • The vehicle may have an error, check the vehicle for any messages. 
  • The charging plug is not connected properly, unplug the charging connector and re-connect.