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How installers apply for the grant?

Entire OZEV information can be accessed in full on the official GOV website here.

Where should I submit the grant claim?
The DVLA administers the EVHS on behalf of OZEV. Installers should submit grant claims (form and supporting documents) to DVLA through the DfT portal.
Process overview
– Take an enquiry from a customer
– Verify that a customer has a vehicle and property that meet the EVHS requirements
– Conduct a site survey to ensure that the existing equipment and property are suitable for an installation
– Install the chargepoint, turn it on, and verify it works safely
– Complete the EVHS installation form with the customer
– Notify the relevant DNO and submit a BS7671 Electrical Installation Certificate
– Invoice the customer (less any deposit paid) – note that the customer should not be invoiced for the grant amount.
– Compile and submit a monthly grant claim form and supporting documents
– Receive a grant from OZEV or respond to claim feedback from DVLA
– Retain copies of all customer details and required documents
Trusted Partner’s responsibilities towards the customer
The installer must make the customer aware of the conditions that need to be met for them to be eligible for the grant.
Can OZEV conduct on-site audits?
Yes. OZEV, or its representatives, will conduct on-site audits of installed chargepoints to ensure the requirements of the grant are met. If a chargepoint is selected for audit OZEV, or its representatives, will contact the relevant party for further information.
What if a customer is using the car from an employer?
For company cars, the installer must provide 1 of 3 pieces of evidence requested in the boxes below in support of this letter. The evidence required is one of the following:

– The employer’s/business’s registration number – this can be found on a company’s certificate of incorporation or any official company documentation received from Companies House
– The employer’s/business’s VAT number
– Evidence of the employer’s/business’s HMRC registration which must be provided as an attachment.
What if a customer is using a lease vehicle?
Installer must provide the vehicle lease document as evidence, which must state the start date, and term, of the lease (if applicable).
Eligible OZEV costs
Eligible expenditure consists of:

– cost of unit
– electrical components
– civil engineering works
– labour costs (for installation)
– hardware costs
– the VAT incurred by the customer
– site survey works (when leading to a completed installation)
Updated on 3 July 2021

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