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Using your Hypervolt

When it comes to charging sessions, the Hypervolt unit will communicate with its user through specific colour codes. Take a moment to familiarise yourself with the charging session colour code.

Before a charging session

You will know your Hypervolt Home 2.0 charger is ready for action when it displays a solid BLUE light. This indicates the device is powered up and ready to connect to your vehicle.

Starting a charging session

Plug the charging plug into your vehicle’s charge port. Within a few seconds, you should hear the safety latch locking the charging connector in place. If the Hypervolt is in Plug and Charge mode the charging session will start right away, and the Hypervolt will display a solid GREEN light to indicate that your vehicle is charging. To end a charging session, use the incar control to stop the charging or use the Hypervolt App.

Scheduling a charging session

If you would like to schedule charging to start later instead of right away: select Schedule Charge mode in the App, set the charging times, and then plug your charger into your vehicle. Once plugged in, your Hypervolt Home will display PURPLE lights. This means it is ready to charge but is waiting until the time you have scheduled before starting.

Lock the unit

The Lock/Unlock feature has been designed for your peace of mind. You can rest assured nobody can initiate a charging session on your Hypervolt Home if you don’t want them to. The Hypervolt unit is always communicating its status through colours. The lock/unlock feature is no exception to this rule. If “Schedule Charging” is purple and “Charging” is green, remember that once you will lock the unit, the LEDs will turn Orange.

No lights

If the charger displays no lights you must check if the power is available to the device. Check any fuses/switches which your electrician has installed and make sure are all switched on. If you are sure the device is receiving power but there are no lights showing, contact your installer. Alternatively, check the LED Brightness in the App, you might have left the brightness to 0%.


In the unlikely event of a fault during your charging session, the Hypervolt will display a pulsing RED light. If connected to the internet the Hypervolt charger will have already sent diagnostics information to the HyperCloud, and our tech team has been notified of the issue.

Updated on 4 July 2021

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