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There are a couple of things you can troubleshoot before contacting the Hypervolt Support team. Below you can find solutions to some of the situations that can occur if you have a Hypervolt unit.

The charging station is unlocked in my app but appears off and no lights are on
This could mean that there is no power reaching your Hypervolt charger. It is usually as simple as a circuit breaker that is off or has tripped. Check the circuit breaker in your fuse board/consumer unit and make sure that it is ON. Press the test button on the circuit breaker to test that it works.
The charging cable does not disconnect from the car
The Hypervolt Home device is unfortunately not responsible for locking the cable inside your vehicle charge port. It is the electric vehicle that must release the charging port lock in order to allow the cable to be safely disconnected. In this case, the vehicle has not ended the charging session.

You must end the charging session from the vehicle before removing the charging cable. Check the vehicle user guide in order to ascertain how this is done for your particular make and model.

Although each vehicle has a different technique for ending the charging session, most charge port unlock buttons can be found in the vehicle’s centre console between the two front seats, or by the driver’s door.
The charging session does not start
There are a few reasons why a charging session might not start:
• The vehicle is scheduled to charge at a later time.
• The vehicle is fully charged, hence it cannot charge anymore.
• The vehicle may have an error, check the vehicle for any messages.
• The charging plug is not connected properly, unplug the charging
plug and re-connect.
• The charging plug may be dirty or damaged, ensure that it is in
good condition.
The charging session finished earlier than expected and my car battery is not full
Check whether your vehicle has a maximum charge limit set that prevents the battery from charging to full. Some vehicles have this setting in order to reduce charging times and congestion at motorway charging stations, and in some vehicles, you are able to remove the limit. Consult your vehicle’s manual.

If there is a power outage during your charge session, charging your vehicle will resume automatically as soon as power is available to the Hypervolt.
The charging time is longer than expected
When a vehicle’s charging session is almost complete it is normal for the charging speed and power to begin to decrease.
Check your vehicle’s dashboard for an indication of the charging power and whether it is at the level you expect it to be.
The vehicle charges at a lower power than expected
Check the specification of your vehicle make and model and verify the maximum power figures for AC Mode 3 charging. Some vehicles have a maximum charging power of less than what the Hypervolt Home can deliver: 32A. If the vehicle always charges at a lower power than specified for its make and model, and has never charged at a higher power, check whether a power limitation has been enabled during your installation.
The charger is displaying a pulsing red light
The Hypervolt Home has detected a problem during your charging session or with your device. If connected to the internet, Hypervolt will have already received diagnostics information and our tech team has been notified of your issue.
Check further information on the status of your device in the Hypervolt app.
Updated on 3 July 2021

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