Installer App Usage Guide

How to use the Hypervolt Installer App

Charger Selection

Once you have installed and powered on a new charger, stand within 5m of the charger and ensure you have Bluetooth enabled on your mobile device before starting the application.

When starting the application, you should see this screen which allows you to start scanning for a nearby charger.


Once the charger is found, it will appear as a selectable item on this screen. Tap on the name of your charger in the list to start the adoption process. 


Adopting the charger 

After tapping the charger the app will take you through 3 steps to adopt the charger and get it online:

  • Connecting to the charger with bluetooth.
  • Adopting the charger to your logged in account. This needs to be done with your account, and you’ll hand off to the customer after setup and testing are complete.
  • Establishing a network connection. If there is no wired connection, you can tap [select network] to set up a new connection or press [change network] to change the network settings.

WiFi setup

If you are setting up or changing the WiFi network, the app will ask the charger to scan for local wifi networks. Once the customer’s WiFi network appears in the list, tap on it to select the network and enter the password.


Enter the password and press [connect]


The app returns to the adoption screen.


Wait for the app to report that the connection succeeded and press [next] to go to the next screen.

Test page

On this screen you can see some diagnostic information to help you validate that the charger and the CT clamp are correctly installed. The app will display an error message if any measurements indicate that there may be a problem. Please double-check anything that is flagged up at this point in the installation process.

At this point, if the CT clamp measurements indicate that there is energy flowing from the house into the grid, we will indicate that the CT may be facing the wrong direction and give you an option to change the direction of the measurement in software.


Once you have finished these basic checks, you can enable Test Mode to make it easier to proceed with your final electrical safety checks. Test Mode disables the random delay for charging sessions, makes the leds blink and disables the default schedule. This makes it easier to confirm that the charger is functioning properly, and speeds up the testing process.

If you do not enable Test Mode before testing, bear in mind that our chargers are configured by default to have a delay of up to 600 seconds (per EVSCP regulations) before starting a charging session after an EV has been plugged in.

Do not forget to disable Test Mode before handing off the installation to the client.


Once you have finished testing, and disabled Test Mode, you can move to the final step by clicking [enter client details].

Hand off to the client

Enter the name of the client and the email address. Hypervolt will send an activation email with a link that the customer can use to activate their charger in their Hypervolt app.