Home Screen

Realtime Charger Information

The home screen gives you an overview of useful information about your charger, including real time charging data if you have an active charging session.

From this screen you can easily switch between charging modes, pause or unpause sessions, lock the charger, and access other functionality of the Hypervolt App.

Due to limitations on the Home 2.0 Charger, we cannot currently display any energy information (including solar generation or consumption from the grid) when there is no active charging session.

Active Session Information


We will show updated information on the home screen when you have an active session - including how much energy is being detected going into your house from the grid, how much energy is going through the charger, and an estimate of how much energy is being consumed elsewhere or generated by your home generation system (solar, hydro, wind, etc).

While we can be highly confident as to the accuracy of the energy being sent through the charger, there may be some inaccuracies in other values due to energy loss on long cable runs, misalignment of metering devices, or other physical issues.

Charging Mode Controls

You can easily switch between Boost, Eco, and Super-Eco modes using the button at the bottom of the screen. You can also switch between Plug and Charge and Scheduled charging, as well as lock or unlock your charger.

For more details about these options, see Charging Modes

Recent Session Overviews

If you swipe up on the drawer at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a summary of your most recent N charging sessions, showing you both the amount of power you used and the cost of that power based on the tariff you’ve configured.

Access to More Controls

At the very bottom of the home screen, you’ll see icons for other parts of the application: